As An SBA Preferred Lender, We Can Cut Through The Red Tape For You

Having earned the designation of Preferred Lender and working hand-in-hand with the SBA since 1999, we can initiate, process and approve your loan internally. Which means you’ll have less paperwork to deal with and spend a lot less time waiting for answers.

What benefits can our SBA loans provide for your business?

For more information on how an SBA might help your business, please contact our SBA loan department at 360-757-0170.

And if you'd like more details, click here for a pdf of our SBA brochure.

Additionally, here's a link to Size Up, an SBA program that lets you see how your business stacks up with the competition in order to succeed. SizeUp will help you manage and grow your business by benchmarking it against competitors, mapping your customers, competitors and suppliers, and locating the best places to advertise.