Mobile Banking Features and Guides

Welcome to Whidbey Island Bank's Mobile Banking.  We're always looking for ways to make your banking easier, and mobile banking does just that. 

Here's what you can do with Mobile Banking:

 You'll need to sign up for Online Banking in order to have access to Mobile Banking.  Once you've signed up for Online Banking, here's what you need to make Mobile Banking work:

 How to get started (view user guide):

  1. In Online Banking, select 'Options', then select 'Mobile Settings'.
  2. Enter requested information and click 'submit'.
  3. Review the Mobile Banking addendum.  Accept the 'Terms and Conditions' by checking the box and clicking on 'confirm'.
  4. Receive confirmation on your mobile device.  Visit to use mobile banking.

Supported Smartphones:

Here are some security tips for mobile banking.

  1. Invest in an antivirus application for your mobile device to help protect you when downloading apps or mobile content.  
  2. Never provide personal identification or banking information over your mobile device unless you initiate the contact and you know that you’re dealing directly with your bank.
  3. Never share your password, account number, PIN and answers to secret questions. Don't save this information anywhere on your phone.
  4. Never set the app, web or client-text service to automatically log you in to your bank account. If your phone is lost or stolen, someone will have free access to your money.
  5. Set the phone to require a password to power on the handset or awake it from sleep mode.
  6. Remember, your bank would never contact or text message you asking for personal or banking information. Assume any unsolicited text request is fraudulent. Giving this information places your finances and privacy at risk.
  7. Immediately tell your mobile operator and your bank if you lose your phone.






Whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you're going to appreciate our latest mobile banking apps.  Each gives you a nicer looking, friendlier interface with easier navigation and robust capabilities.

Our Latest Android App

Choose to auto-upgrade the app or go to your favorite app store.

Our Totally New iPhone App

Download the new app from the Apple store.  Install the new app and remove the old one -- and you're set to go.

Get Banking Info by Text

If you prefer to get your banking information by text, just use your computer to log on to your online banking account, click on options, choose text banking, and enroll. (Click here for more information).  You'll be able to view account balances and recent transactions.