Online Banking Security

Whidbey Island Bank is committed to making your online banking safe and secure, by providing up-to-date security technology that protects you, as well as the bank. Here are some of the measures we’ve taken to ensure your financial privacy. As a reminder, Whidbey Island Bank will NEVER ask for your USER ID, account number or PIN number via e-mail or by phone. 

Information Encoding

We use encoding technology so your private information cannot be intercepted. Your banking information never travels the Internet without encryption protection.

Personally Selected Account Names

Whidbey Island Bank does not display your account numbers over the Internet. Instead, we ask you to choose a ”pseudo” name for each of your accounts.

Individual ID & PIN Information

In order to access Whidbey Island Bank’s Online Banking, you must enter a unique User ID and PIN.

PIN Security System

To keep unauthorized individuals from accessing your account by guessing your PIN, we instituted a PIN security system. If your PIN is entered incorrectly three consecutive times, the user is ”locked out” of the system until a Whidbey Island Bank representative is contacted for assistance at 888-642-2265 during regular banking hours.

You have the ability to monitor access of your account by the information provided each time you log in. This record will report your last login date and the number of times you have logged in.

Automatic Log–Off

If you’re logged on the Online Banking and do not perform any activity for 10 minutes, you will not be able to proceed until you “re–log” on to the system.

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication protects bank customers from online predators by requiring multiple pieces of information to validate identity while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and FFIEC recommendations. This state-of-the-art security solution deters predators who commit fraud and identity theft by exploiting single–factor authentication — which uses only one piece of information such as a password — to validate identity. Multifactor Authentication automatically monitors accounts for unusual activity based on account history, and requires customers to verify their identities by answering pre–selected challenge questions if unusual activity is detected.

Protect your Online Banking account information

You also play an important role in protecting your accounts. Here are some of the steps you can take to protect your Online Banking account information: