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Every once in a while, life presents us with an opportunity to buy something we really want. Other times, things crop up that maybe we weren’t anticipating. You’ll be happy to know we have almost as many different loans, as there are reasons to borrow.  For a list of our staff members listed on the NMLS registry, click here.

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Your Credit: What does it mean?

Your credit scores are a reflection of how you handle your finances. When someone looks at your credit scores, they’re looking at how much debt you’ve incurred, and how you repay your debts.

Having good credit often allows you to borrow money at less cost to you. Additionally, there are often more benefits associated with having good credit such as potentially lower rent, lower insurance rates and better job opportunities.

Federal laws have made it easier for you to annually check your credit score. Checking your credit report may alert you to any unusual activity or issues with your credit. To stay up to date, log on to to receive a free copy of your credit report.

This information is provided as a guide and is not meant to be legal advice. Be sure to consult an attorney for legal advice.